Electron Flight Simulator

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The world's most widely used X-ray analysis
modeling and simulation software


Electron Flight Simulator is a software tool designed to make your job easier. It can help you understand difficult samples, show the best way to run an analysis, and explain your results to others.
With it you can see how the beam penetrates your sample, and where the X-ray signal comes from, for a wide variety of microscope conditions. You can model multiple layers, particles, defects, inclusions, and cross-sections. Any sample chemistry can be modeled.


Key Benefits

  • Eliminate guesswork

  • Fine-tune your analysis conditions

  • Get more accurate results


Example 1 shows a particle on a 3-layer on substrate sample; electrons and x-rays are modeled
Example 2 shows electron trajectories in a bulk sample; generated and emitted x-rays are overlaid  
Example 3 shows a cross-section of a 5-layer semiconductor sample
Example 4 shows an inclusion in a steel sample
Example 5 shows the spectrum of stainless steel generated with Spectrum Simulator
Example 6 shows how tilting the sample affects the interaction volume
Example 7 shows the electron trajectories in multi-color mode; each color change shows a 10% drop in energy

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